Search Engine Optimization

One of the keys to a successful website is effective Internet marketing through well-worded site descriptions and loaded keywords entered into Internet database search engines and directories. Our marketing specialists know all the tricks to make your Web address appear in the "Search Results" list! Contact us for a price on our Custom Online Marketing Services. The most crucial part of our Internet marketing strategies is professional cost effective search engine optimization. Submitting your site to major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Altavista and MSN, we guarantee top listings of your website within months. Remember, SEO is not a one-time process, but a continuous one that has to be rigorously maintained through proper examination and placement of optimized graphics, Meta tags, Alt tags, links, keywords, keyword placement and testing of code. At Penta Web Solutions, we assure our clients that this process would result in the best commercial results for your company.


  Our search engine solutions include  
  » Analysis of the web site .   » Paid inclusion in Altavista Directory(optional)
  » Research Keywords for the web site   » Generate reciprocate links for the web site
  » Change the Meta Tags   » Optional Affiliate program management services.
  » Modify the content   » Optional PPC services for Google AdwordsT and Overture
  » Submit the web site to all the major search engines  
» Manage PPC campaigns for immediate returns.
» Submit to targeted directories and web sites. The more your site is advertised on the web, the more the chances of robots to regularly check your web site for updated content
» Incorporate and suggest good web traffic statistics tools. This helps in defining future marketing strategies.
  » Paid inclusion in Yahoo Directory(optional)    
Our search engine solutions are very specific and targeted to increase your Return on Investment. Search engines require a lot of effort and time, no one can guarnatee a result over night, but we have seen that over a period of time proper search engine optimisation strategy pays rich dividends. We will bring interested customers to your web site, after that we leave the customers to you, you take over to convert a hit to a guaranteed sale.